February 2021 – Virtual National Meeting

Its certainly unusual times. With the current lockdown pandemic restrictions, IReeN has been unable to organise its series of Spring or Autumn face to face events (usually held in London, Manchester and Glasgow).

The amount of change the profession has seen has been enormous, and with a new tax year soon upon us, we fac3 some challenges and there are some hot topics.

So Thursday 11th February 2020 saw the very first Virtual National Meeting with thank to Brian Sparling who volunteered Ceridians Zoom facilities.

Update from the Pension Regulator

Off-Payroll workers – IR35

HMRC update from the software developer support team

IReeN latest and the IReeN view

For those who want the full set from beginning to end

We express appreciation to our presenters:

  • Andy Nicholls – Industry Liaison of The Pension Regulator
  • Ben Jones and Stuart Clark – HM Revenue & Customs
  • Paula Wyatt – HM Revenue & Customs
  • And our IReeN hosts Simon Parsons and Brian Sparling acting as Question host and Zoom driver.

Many thanks to the IReeN committee for assisting in the organising of the event: Nick Clarke, Helen Harvey, Linda Pullan and Sam Mann.

IReeN.NET 11/2/2021